Saturday, July 21, 2012

Monk's Blood by 21st Amendment

This is a Belgian style dark ale brewed with cinnamon, vanilla, oak chips and dried figs.  You can really taste the vanilla and cinnamon up front.  It also has hits of chocolate and caramel and makes for an ideal dessert beer.  Smooth and slightly creamy in texture.    

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Margaritas Restaurant in Mystic

Meg and I decided to take a trip to mystic, CT and we ended up at Margaritas!  Meg had a Mexican Iceberg which is a frozen marg floated atop a draft dos equis... a weird combo but refreshing on this super hot day.  I had a palomos which was tequila, lime juice, sierra mist and blood good, but on the stronger side. 


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rascals Wild Raspberry

I'm not a huge fan of fruity beer with the exception of #9 but my sister loves it.  She tried this a week or so ago when she was traveling through NC.  Here is her take on it .  Red color, full of raspberry flavor, great dessert beer or fruit beer berry finish. 

I have a ton more reviews coming soon.  Cheers

Thanks Lauren

Ps love the raspberrys in your photo!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Grove Winery 2009 Cabernet Franc

This past mothers day my mom took a drive out from Myrtle Beach to visit my sister in Greensboro NC where she is going to school.  My sister made reservations at Grove Winery and Vineyard for a tasting and tour and this is their experience. 

By: Lauren Pereira
Grove Winery and Vineyards in Haw River Vally, North Carolina is located conveniently northeast of the city of Greensboro. The Vineyard is off the beaten trail, but not difficult to locate. The vineyard serves as a great get-a-way with the winery nestled between the vineyard and a large pond with a deck to overlook the water. The wine is all harvested and cultivated on the premises and is sold locally as well as shipped internationally. I easily found the information for this exceptional vino haven on the internet and was pleased to hear they had a special mothers day wine tasting. The tasting included a choice between a sweet menu or a dry menu. Each menu included three wines which were each carefully paired with a hand-made chocolate truffle crafted by Greensboro pastry chef, Julie Watson. Although this pairing was a special mothers day event, Grove has many different events on their schedule, check it out today!

Appearance:  Bright cherry red. 
Smell:  Oakey on the nose with a nice balance of fruit
Taste:  Oakey, fruity, most notably cranberry
Feel:  Medium bodied, tannins are soft
Overall:   Paired well with the cabernet granache chocolate!
Grade: A

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home Brewed BEER!

For a while now my good friend Kevin and I have been talking about brewing our own beer.  Finally we bought the materials needed to brew our own beer!  We went with an intermediate prepackaged beer kit from The Grape and Granary.   They had a so many beer kits to choose from it was like heaven!  We decided to go with the grape and granary Summer Ale. Here are some pictures of us bottling the beer.  I must say the whole process was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to taste it!  @Grapeandgranary

5 Gallons of BEER!

They say 2 weeks and its good to drink but the more time you give it the better it will taste, so we decided on 3 weeks until we crack open the first brewski. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cerveza Pacífico Clara

Wow the month of May is flying by!!!! Emerson has been keeping us busy, especially Meg. She does such a wonderful job with her, it's amazing. On cinco de Mayo Meg and wanted to do something fun so we decided to make these smokey bean burritos with chorizo, carne asada, Mexican cilantro rice, and the most amazing mexican twice baked sweet potatoes topped with this orange cream. For drinks I wanted to splurge on some tequila but Meg wanted some beer so we went with Cerveza Pacifico Clara. Here is our thoughts.

Appearance: Clear, pale, yellow with little to no head that disapates almost instantly.
Smell: Corn, grain...kinda blah
Taste: Slightly bitter, corn, grainy
Feel: Light, thin feel with a decent amount of carbonation.
Overall: It's nice to change things up just so at least you can say you tried it... Next time I think I might stick with another Mexican beer.
Grade: C

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wild Turkey Honey Infused

I was at the package store at the beginning of the week checking out some of the beer and wine options and found myself down the tequila, rum and whiskey aisle.  It was a Monday so I figured with the long week ahead it might be a good investment...  I am a big fan of Jack and Jim so I opted to go for something I normally don't buy.  Wild Turkey Honey caught my eye so I figured why not.

I have got to say it is pretty delicious especially mixed with Coke Zero.  It has that Whiskey burn however a sweetness to it that really goes along way, even Meg thought it wasn't that bad...and she usually cringes at the idea of Whiskey.

If you have the chance check it out, you may opt for the Jack and Honey also a great option.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat

Okay, this beer is probably one of the most unique beers I've ever tasted.  If you are from RI or close enough you may have first tried this beer at The Mews in Wakefield RI.  If not then hopefully someone near by has it on tap. You can find it at most package stores but it is some what of a new brew and not everyone carries it.  Here is my  take on it.

Appearance: Pours a cloudy yellow orange with a small head. 
Smell:  A wonderful smelling beer, fruity, smells of citrus, wheat and a hint of blueberry.
Taste: Amazing fruity flavor, orange really pops...but the best way to really describe this beer is it tastes almost identical to fruity pebbles cereal.  Yes you read that right.  If you don't believe me then you have got to go pick some up and give it a try.
Feel: Smooth, lightly carbonated.
Overall:  Loved this beer.  I am a big fan of fruit beers such as Magic Hat #9 or other beers like this one that are not over bearing with fruit flavor.  I could drink this beer over and over, its so refreshing and at 4.2% alc vol.
Grade: A

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hi neighbor have a 'Gansette Summer Ale

On the way home from work this past Friday I got a call from Meg and she couldn't wait for me to pick up a 6 pack of beer.  I wanted to have something crisp and refreshing so I gambled and went with Narragansett Summer Ale.  Here is my take on it.
Appearance:  Golden yellow in color and it pours a nice creamy head about 1" that disappears fairly quick. 
Smell:  Nice aromas of hops, sweet, grassy, and CITRUS!
Taste:  Bready, malty, cereal flavors with a refreshing hop citrus flavor.  So good.
Feel: This brew is light bodied, with light carbonation, not to sweet and not to bitter, and in my opinion has great drinkability.  At 4.2% alc volume I could drink these all day, they are almost thirst quenching.  I can see myself drinking this beer all summer, at a BBQ, the beach, late night campfire.
Overall:  This beer is a great addition to my summer brew rotation.  I would definitely recommend you give this  brew a shot at least once. Another cool thing about this beer is its made about 20 minutes from my house.
Grade: B+

The Towers of Narragansett in 1885 - Check out the its History here.  You can see the towers on the 16oz tallboy above.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fetzer 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

I owe this  wonderful posting and review to my mom who took on the burden of trying some new wine ;)  for us all. She was tasked with finding something new for under 10 dollars and she came across this great wine that not only tastes good the winery is also very environmentally conscious. Their vineyards produce wine using 100% renewable energy sources!  Its nice to see that their are vineyards out there that are doing their part to make good wine and also a better planet.   Here is her review!

Appearance: Deep red-purple in color.
Smell: Aromas of blackberry, cherry,vanilla, and oak 
Taste: This wine has a surprising amount of layers to it, upfront you get the obvious oak flavor but as it unfolds you get the hints of fruit, blackberry, cherry, and hints of mocha.
Feel:  Medium bodied wine with medium to firm tannin's.
Overall:  Loved this wine and for the price of 6 bucks you can't go wrong.  Probably one of the best wines I have had for under 10 dollars.  I would highly recommend this wine for any night you feel like hanging home, relaxing, and enjoying a glass of wine.  
Grade: A

For more information on Fetzer Vineyard's philosphy and sustainability operations check this out. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon

I love the holidays especially when you get together with family and amazing food is served.  This Easter was pretty low key however my step mom and dad always go all out when it comes to Sunday dinners.  On the menu was filet mignon (my favorite), caramelized carrots, roasted broccoli and cauliflower and to top it off we had sea scallops smothered in shallots and butter.  My dad had also picked up a bottle of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi.  Here is what I thought.

Appearance:  It has a nice deep rich purple to red color with great clarity and good leg.
Smell:  Oakey, fruity, predominantly notes of cherry jumped out at me.
Taste:  Oakey at first, but hints of mostly cherry and blackberry.
Feel:  Medium bodied wine with a velvety feel.
Overall:  For $11.99 you can't beat this wine, not to mention its a MAGNUM!  It went very well with the Filet, may have been a little overpowering for the scallops but I guess you can't get to picky for the price.  This wine would be great to have on hand for small unexpected get together's.  In my opinion it does well compared to Robert Mondavi's Private Selection :)

Sea Scallops

The Main Course

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Magic Hat Pistil Dandelion Ale Chilled Soup

Summer is in the air! I cannot wait to fire up the grill and have my first cook out...fill up the propane tank stat! So tonight is day two and I am trying to contain myself from drinking all of the flavors from the variety pack...its almost painful.  Today I decided on trying Pistil, here goes.

Appearance: Bright yellow slightly hazy with a little sediment (its an unfiltered brew)
Smell: grassy, from the dandelion, and notes of lemon citrus!
Taste: Very very refreshing, citrus lemony, grassy
Feel:  Smooth, low to medium carbonation!
Overall:  Loved this, probably my new favorite summer beer!  Unbelievably refreshing, I could drink this over and over again.
Rating:  A


• 4 cucumbers
• 1 cup plain Greek yogurt
• 1 cup sour cream
• 1 (12-ounce bottle) Magic Hat Pistil
• 1 large bunch fresh mint
• 1 small bunch fresh chives
• salt
• sugar
• ground black pepper

• 4 cucumbers, peeled and seeded and cut into chunks
• 1 cup plain yogurt, preferably Greek-style
• 1 cup sour cream
• 1 cup Magic Hat Pistil
• 1/2 packed cup fresh mint leaves, plus more for garnish if desired
• 2 tablespoons chopped chives, plus more for garnish if desired
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1/2 teaspoon sugar
• 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

• Place all ingredients in a food processor and puree.
• Cover and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled, at least 2 hours.
• Taste and add more salt, sugar or pepper if needed.
• Serve, garnished with chopped mint and/or chives, if desired.

 About 6 (6-ounce) servings

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Christmas In Summer! Magic Hat's Elder Betty

I don't know about you but whenever the seasons change I get super excited about all the seasonal beer that is just around the corner!!  I must say I am a huge fan the SUMMER seasonal variety packs.  Let's be honest there is not much better than an ice COLD beer in your hand on a HOT summer day especially if your on the beach or at a cookout with some friends and family.

So today I splurged a bit and went for the good stuff... a case of Magic Hats summer variety pack! (not to mention it includes two beers on my beer quest list)  For this review I couldn't help myself but to try the Elder Betty, so here goes.

Appearance:  Golden orange but with a touch of haziness to it.
Smell:  Distinctive berry aroma with a solid wheat and grain background
Taste:  This one caught me off guard, upfront a grainy, grassy flavor but then as it settles the second flavor hits you in the face and it was very berry flavor with a hint of good.
Feel:  Smooth, not what I expected from a summer brew because it wasn't super crisp but then again I kinda liked that because overly carbonated beers are not my favorite.
Overall:  This weiss style beer has a nice fruity finish, not over powering in flavor, something I can definitely see myself drinking over and over on a hot day.  Nice change up if you a partial to the many lemon and lime flavored summer brews out there.
Rating:  A-

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mark West - 2010 Pinot Noir Paring

Let me start off by thanking my step-mom for making such an amazing dinner to go along with this wine.  On the way home I got a phone call from her asking if I wanted her to drop off a dish of roasted duck with a apple and prune stuffing! Lets be honest who would say NO to that! So I dropped by the package store to pick up a Pinot Noir and I ran into a friend who recommended a 2010 Mark West Pinot Noir as a good, fairly inexpensive bottle.  Here is my review and the recipe for the amazing roasted duck dish :)

Appearance: The color reminded me of a bing cherry that is about 90% ripe
Smell:   Light on the oakey side with a fruity aroma with hits of berry's and cherry's really coming through
Taste:  Sweet, fruity, low acidity, oakey with blackberry and cherry being the main flavors and a little bit of spice towards the finish, 
Feel:  A light to medium bodied wine, but definitely more towards the lighter side and silky smooth.
Overall:  I must say this wine was perfect for this dish, it paired amazing with the apple and prune stuffing.  It was like a gourmet thanksgiving had the juicy roasted duck, stuffing and an amazing gravy to smother it all in. 


  • 1 (5-pound) duck
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1 yellow onion, chopped
  • 2 celery stalks, chopped
  • 1/2 teaspoon celery seed
  • 1 cup pitted prunes, halved
  • 3 Golden Delicious apples, peeled, cored and cut in wedges
  • 8 fresh sage leaves
  • 1 pint dried rye bread cubes, crusts off
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup fruity red wine, such as Pinot Noir
  • 2 cups chicken stock


Duck is a notoriously fatty bird. To diminish the fat and produce a crispy skin, begin by trimming the excess fat from the body. Rinse the duck thoroughly, inside and out, and pat dry with paper towels. Season the bird inside and out with a generous amount of salt and pepper.
To prepare the stuffing: Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the onion, celery, celery seed, prunes, apples, and 4 sage leaves; season with salt and pepper; saute for 10 minutes until soft. Add the bread cubes and toss the mixture together to combine. Put the stuffing in a large mixing bowl and moisten it with a squeeze of lemon and the heavy cream; give it another toss and season with salt and pepper. Spoon the stuffing into the duck cavity. Rip off a foot long piece of aluminum foil and lay it on an insert rack fitted in a roasting pan, let a bit of the foil hang off the end. Lay the duck, breast-side up, on the foil; tuck the wing tips back under the duck, and fold the excess foil over the end of the duck with the stuffing. The foil will protect the stuffing from burning and falling into the delicious duck fat.
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.
Roast the duck for 21/2 to 3 hours, rotating the pan every 20 minutes or so. It may seem like a bother, but it's the best way to ensure an even crispy skin. The legs will wiggle easily when the bird is done and an instant-read thermometer will register about 180 degrees F when inserted into the thigh.
Take the insert rack out of the pan and set the duck on a cutting board to let it rest before carving. Now you have a whole lot of duck fat in the bottom of the roasting pan. Pour out all but a couple of tablespoons of the duck fat into a container and reserve.
For the gravy: Place the roasting pan, with the couple of tablespoons of duck fat, on the stove over 2 burners set on medium heat. Sprinkle in the flour and stir to make a paste. Crank the heat up to high and add the wine, cook and stir, scraping the bottom of the pan, until the liquid is reduced slightly. Add the chicken stock and remaining 4 sage leaves, season with salt and pepper. Cook and stir for 1 to 2 minutes until the gravy has thickened slightly. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Apothic Red!

Last summer I had a blind wine tasting at my house with a bunch of friends.  Leanne had brought this wine and it was by far the crowd favorite.  I had been long overdue for a glass and my mom needed something to relax her before her flight back to Myrtle it was a win win. 
  • Appearance: A dark deep purple red color
  • Smell: Very oakey at first but settles after a little bit.  Hints of blackberry, plum and vanilla.
  • Taste: Oakey, slightly sweet, blackberry, cherry
  • Feel:  This wine had a medium body with a velvety smooth feel to it.  
  • Overall: I must say I am very happy Leanne brought this to the tasting it is without a doubt one of my favorite bottles and for $10.99 you can't go wrong.  This wine would pair well with another bottle or with a sharp cheddar cheese.  Yeah now I'm hungry!

This wine is a blend of Merlot, Syrah and Zinfandel...gotta love the blends.

9.5 out of 10

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sakonnet Vineyards Rhode Island Red

Two summers ago Meg and I took a trip out to Little Compton for the RI wine festival and it was amazing.  Once a year all the vineyards on the trail come together as well as local food vendors and for about 30 dollars you can eat and drink all you want!  That year Sakonnet Vineyards was the host and let me tell you it was well worth the drive.  

Here is my take on the RI Red!  
  • Appearance: This wine was a distinctive dark ruby with a shade of plum to it.
  • Smell: Dark berry's like blackberry and a hint of blueberry, plum, and raspberry
  • Taste: Up front it's sweet, blackberry and plum really come through in the finish
  • Feel:  Very smooth and silky
  • Overall:  Loved this wine, it was on the sweet side but it paired well with the gorgonzola flank steak pinwheels we made, the contrast of sweet and salty was great.  I would definitely recommend this wine and if you have the time please take a drive out to their vineyard in Little Compton RI they have an amazing setup.  

9 out of 10

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trinity Brewhouse - IPA

If you are looking for some good food and drink then the Trinity Brewhouse in Providence RI is the place for you.  Here is a quick look at their IPA!
  • Appearance: Poured a hazy copper color with a small frothy head
  • Smell: Grainy, earthy, floral, malty, with an overshadowing  hoppiness...the smell doesn't do it justice.
  • Taste: Starts off malty with some herbal flavors but then quickly has a bitter hop flavor and finishes grassy.  
  • Feel:  Light, on the smooth side, kind of creamy.
  • Overall:   Being a advocate of IPA's I enjoyed this beer and found it to have good drinkability. Cheers!

7.5 out of 10

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Southern Tier 2X IPA

My mom was in town visiting my little Emerson and after a few errands we decided it would be a good idea to stop at the Mews for lunch.  While I was sitting there trying to decide what beer to have I remembered my buddy Kevin recommending the Southern Tier 2X IPA.   
  • Appearance: Poured a nice golden amber color with a light frothy head that disappeared quickly
  • Smell: Probably my favorite part, citrus fruit, (oranges and grapefruit) and slight piney hoppy aroma
  • Taste: Surprisingly balanced in flavor considering the overpowering citrus aroma.  Malty and grainy at first however it quickly transforms and the citrus hops and piney hops come through finishing with a decent amount of bitterness and a very piney hoppy aftertaste.  
  • Feel:  Medium bodied, with a medium amount of carbonation.
  • Overall:  This beer is definitely for the IPA lover and not for the casual beer drinker.  If you haven't had and IPA before I wouldn't start with this. Not my favorite IPA however it has decent drinkability and I would buy it again.   I would have liked the citrus hop flavor to come through a bit more and a little less of a bite on the finish. Cheers!

7 out of 10

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Perry's Revenge Ale - Cottrell Brewing Co.

Perry's Revenge Ale! Talk about straight from the brewer.  What makes me so excited about this beer is that its made 10 minutes from my house and they have tours all week! 

  • Appearance: Pours dark, however it has some nice light brown hues that swirl through.  
  • Smell: Molasses, boozy, and with hints of chocolate
  • Taste: Again the alcohol came through with a boozy taste, kind of warming, caramel, molasses, hint of chocolate and a bit of an earthiness 
  • Feel: Slightly carbonated, light and airy, without an alcohol 8.5% alc.volume! 
  • Overall:  It's complex flavors keep me from drinking it over and over, its got so much flavor you could probably even have this beer as a dessert.   Cheers!
7 out of 10

Last January, three divers, Charles Buffum, Mike Fournier and Craig Harger, announced that they had located the wreck of Oliver Hazard Perry’s ship USS Revenge which sank 200 years ago off the coast of Rhode Island near Watch Hill.   It turns out that Charles Buffum, in addition to being a diver and an amateur archaeologist, is also the owner of Cottrell Brewing Company, which is celebrating the discovery with a new ale –  Perry’s Revenge Ale, a dark Scottish-style ale with an 8.5 percent alcohol content. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Emerson Rosalie

So it's been a while since I have been on here and for a good reason!  I am proud to say that I am the father of a beautiful baby girl!  Her name is Emerson Rosalie and she was born on March 13th 2012!  It has been an amazing ride the past 9 months and well worth the wait!  The best day of my life was when I met my little baby girl, I can not say how excited I am to have her.  Megan, my fiance, again showed me how tough and determined she is by going through the delivery and without epidural to boot!!  Meg is still recovering but she too is just over the moon with excitement. In the next few days look out for some new reviews featuring a local brewery here in CT and one of my new favorite IPA's by Southern Tier.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Black Cannon!

One word. AWESOME!  If you are into IPA's then Heavy Sea's Black Cannon should be one of your top picks.  Even my fiance Meg thought it was great and she's more of a Blue Moon with an orange kinda girl.  For this one I'm gonna get straight to the point.  Appearance: Kinda like a Guinness without the cascading effect, Robust.  Smell: Hoppy, Roasted Malts Taste: Hops, Roasted Coffee, Creamy, Smokey, Bittersweet up front but does not last.  Feel: Slightly carbonated, just enough in my opinion.  Overall:  Like in the tale of Goldilocks this beer is not to bitter and not to sweet, its just right!  Cheers!

9 out out of 10 Tell me what you thought!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Maugle Sierra Vineyard

Maugle Sierra Vineyard is one of my favorites!  Located right off a scenic highway in Ledyard, CT it's definitely a must see if your in the area.  They have 10 amazing wines, all of which I have had the privilege to taste and at some point I hope to share with you.  I went there this past February and once before in November and both experiences were amazing.  The last trip I made out there was in 2010 with my fiance Megan, before they had renovated and I must say they have made some impressive improvements to their building.  

They have a great outdoor deck with high tables and a patio down below with picnic tables and adirondack chairs.  Inside, as you can see from the picture above, they have cozy seats by a fireplace and the room has the feel of a chalet located in Vermont or New Hampshire.  Tastings are $10.00 to try 6 wines and throughout all of March there is live music every Friday and Saturday night from 5:30pm-8:30pm.  Oh yeah, don't forget to bring some pepperoni and cheese :) 

My sister Lauren out on the Deck sipping on a 1740 Ledyard House White! 

Have you been here? Tell me what you thought of Maugle Sierra.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bogle Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Some people say first impressions are everything and for now Bogle Vineyards is good in my books.  This was my first time trying one of their bottles and let me say I loved it.  My sister and law came over to visit so naturally we decided a bottle of wine would be a good idea.  At $9.99 this wine offers you top notch flavor at a superb price. Bogles 2009 Cab is oakey on the nose, it's taste has hints of blackberry, currants and spices, especially in the finish. It was slightly dry which I liked and it paired really well with what I considered a giant gourmet cheeseburger.  I would definitely recommend this wine to friends and will be putting it into my regular rotation :)  Cheers!

8.5 out of 10 -  Tell me what you think of it!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Newport Storm - HURRICANE AMBER!

This brewing company is special because its made right here in Rhode Island about 45 minutes from my house! I have had the opportunity to try many of their 30 different beers, this one is the original and one of my favorites.  In 1999 this beer hit the streets and is what I would consider their catalyst to success.  This beer is actually in remembrance of the hurricane of 1938, the worst storm of the 20th century.  In my opinion it has a slightly hazy amber color, it smells some what pleasant with a floral, malty, hoppiness, and it tastes a bit on the sweet side with hits of caramel, toasted grain, and nut.  It has a medium to thin body that doesn't fill you up quick, however the sweetness kept me from drinking more than two or three...  I would say overall its drinkability is good but something you would pick up for a change of pace, something to savor, not to drink over and over in one sitting.  I would recommend giving this a try!

7.5 out of 10 - Newport Storm

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Promisquous...okay I will be honest the name is what caught my attention... This week I had mentioned to Leanne that I was going to bring a bottle of 337 and on my way out I stopped in my tracks when I saw this bottle.  Promisquous hmmm what's that?  Not only does it have a trendy name it had a fun definition of their meaning of promisquous to go along with it, and for $10.99 you can't beat that.  I just hoped it wasn't a dud. I am pretty happy to say it was quite delicious.  It was surprisingly light considering it was a blend of some heavy reds like Zinfandel, Merlot, Cab, and Petite Sirah.  Fruity, sweet, fresh flavor with hints of blackberry and a great finish.  The name is what sold me at first however in the end it finished strong in my book.  I would recommend it if you haven't had the opportunity to try it, especially if you are cooking up a nice steak.
7 out of 10 :)  Cheers!


Let me start off by saying I am very excited to start blogging. During the summer time I try to host a few beer tastings and the occasional margarita tasting ;)  When it gets a little cooler out, that's when I like to have my wine tastings.  Let's be honest there's not much better than a glass of  red wine to warm you up on a chilly day, especially if there is a a nice fireplace near by.   So each week a few friends and I get together on the weekend to sample new drinks and I thought it would be fun to document the bottle of the week. I look forward to sharing all my drink experiences with you!  Cheers!